The Jamie Byers Memorial
Scholarship Fund

It has been 10 years since the passing of our beloved Co-founder Jamie Byers. Jamie had a passion for helping those who needed it most, and his heart and character laid the foundation for HOLA’s inception. For those lucky enough to have met Jamie, this  December is one of the tougher ones. But no matter whether you knew Jamie personally, knew of him, or are new to Jamie’s story, we’d like to share the following highlights of his life’s impact on HOLA:

HOLA has grown significantly over the years and continues to embody Jamie’s passion for service and commitment to the people of Nicaragua. What started as a small contingent of Jamie’s friends volunteering their time to improve access to medical and veterinary care for a small rural village, has now evolved into multiple clinics being staffed year round with healthcare providers across the broader northwestern region of Nicaragua. Today, HOLA operates a network of primary, obstetric, and gynecologic care to approximately 1,500 individuals each year. 

We continue to partner with a prominent veterinarian to provide care for Jamie’s greatest love of all: animals. HOLA’s veterinary program delivers care to animals ranging from livestock to household pets. HOLA’s veterinary program continues the program that Jamie started, providing spay and neuter procedures, as well as vaccines to protect good health. In Jamie’s honor, HOLA created the Jamie Byers Memorial Scholarship fund, providing scholarships to aspiring veterinarians in Nicaragua.

In addition to our clinic and veterinary programs, HOLA’s public health reach has expanded significantly over the years. HOLA continues to develop supplemental and complementary programs with the local health ministry to benefit both school children and women in the community.  

Nicaragua has faced numerous challenges over the last three years, from the civil unrest of 2018 to the shared global challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic that is still present today. HOLA made significant contributions to the COVID-19 response in Nicaragua by leveraging the Nicaragua Nonprofit Network (NNN) to coordinate philanthropic organizations across the country in a communications campaign and PPE initiative which reached tens of thousands of individuals.

As the pandemic slowly rescinds and HOLA looks to the future, we will once again continue to provide college students and young professionals the opportunity and experience of helping the people of Nicaragua, whom Jamie so dearly loved. As a college student Jamie catalyzed what has now been almost 20 years of service, generosity, and love for the people of Nicaragua. In his honor we will continue to cultivate the spirit of young people to carry on the mission he started for years to come.

As we remember Jamie this year, we want to thank all those who have volunteered with HOLA – it is through you that we keep Jamie’s love and passion alive with HOLA. And thank you to our many donors and supporters who give HOLA the means to carry on Jamie’s legacy.