Veterinary Work

Work animals in rural Nicaragua can form the cornerstone of the community. When these animals are in poor health, so too are the community members depending on them for their livelihood. According to Central America Data, there are fewer than 1,000 veterinarians throughout the entire country of Nicaragua.

Our veterinary teams partner with local veterinarians to provide vitamin supplements, de-worming and surgical care for animals in the community. These procedures help to lower the burden of zoonotic

diseases on the community while simultaneously improving the health of the community’s animals, which serve as a source of both food and capital. Additionally, the Jamie Byers fund established in memory of one of HOLA’s original founders helps fund tuition scholarships for financially disadvantage veterinary students in Nicaragua who have demonstrated a commitment to community service, as Jamie spent the better part of his life doing.

In 2017 HOLA assisted in the treatment of nearly 700 animals. While recent turmoil, both domestically and globally, has limited HOLA’s ability to run its veterinary programs, the organization is excited to start re-running veterinary trips in 2021 and the years beyond.